3 reasons make you not eligible for Express Entry

It happens a lot !

Many got messages claiming that they are illegible to open an Express Entry profile after trying to answer the quiz in this official link :


The question is :
What is the probable reason behind that?
Here is some common reasons for this result :

1 – Funds :

Yes , that’s true. There is a minimal amount of fund required by Canadian authorities to sponsor your family at least in the first year. This amount in Canadian dollars are updated regularly. Here is the link you can find how much you need to show to be eligible to open an Express Entry profile :


If you enter an amount less than the one stated in the link above


You stated the right amount but the amount has increased or the exchange rates have changed so that the amount you entered is no longer equal to the one written in the manual.

The only result is unfortunately being not eligible  to open a profile..

So , always check the amount before answering the question related to find in Express Entry quiz.

2 – Language Test results :

It is very important to know that the minimal score needed to open a profile is CLB 7 in either English or French. (The best scenario is CLB 9 or better 10 )

Some candidates think that getting, for example , an average of band score 6 in General training IELTS will guarantee the language requirements.

Unfortunately , to get CLB 7 , you must get CLB 7 score in ALL skills not average of 6

To clarify:

A score of 6 , 6 ,6 ,6  makes you eligible for Express Entry Program , while a one of 8, 7 , 7 , 5.5 will not do because of the 5.5 you got in one of the skills.

You can check here what is your CLB level based on your test results :


3- Experience :

To open a profile , you should have at least one year experience in your field. So, many fresh gaduates find themselves not eligible for their lack of required experience criteria.

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