A band 7.5 ” Discuss both views ” IELTS essay : Passports

           Discuss Both Views Essay

     Some people believe that passports are essential as a way of regulating the population of countries. Others believe they should be abolished and we should be able to travel where we like. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.


    There is a widely-held belief that passports are central to control the population of a country. The issue, however, is by no means straightforward, and arguments can also be made against this stipulation. I think using passports could be beneficial if used just for very critical matters.

( Question paraphrased , and the candidate declared clearly his position in the introduction . )

   On the one hand, there are some good reasons for requiring passports. To start with, governments’ policies are often formulated based on the number of citizens, and this means there should be strict control through passports. Basic healthcare and education, for instance, which are the essential services in almost every country, may well be provided as long as policy makers have an official statistic regarding the population. Furthermore, passport controls are crucial to minimizing the risk of terrorism and crime on the grounds that those with criminal records may be spotted and hence denied admission.

( A good start with ” On the one hand ” to introduce the first view , ideas well-developed and use of connectors like “to start with ” , “Furthermore” and “For instance” to link ideas is important .)

On the other hand, others call for the abolition of passports, contending that there should not be any limitation on travel. They point to the fact that it is eliminating passports that can promote equality in the world. It would not be fair if some travelers are deprived of traveling to some countries just because of their nationality or religion, and examples of this can be observed for Muslims who are not able to go to America. They argue, moreover, that scrapping passports would open doors to tourism and consequently result in a boost in the economy of those counties whose passport dynamics used to impede this industry.

( The same technique for the second body paragraph to introduce , and develop the opposite idea . )

With both advantages and disadvantages with the abolition of passports, I am of the opinion that the best course of action for policy makers is to reserve passports for very specific cases such as combating terrorism and crime, providing better service to citizens and so on.

( Summary of both opinions and again a clear position of the writer taken. )

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band 7.5

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