About Us

We are a couple of writers who find their passion in writing , in books and in words . We have , therefore, decided to combine our passion with entrepreneurship . So, AMAL Technologies ; our small company but our big dream , is an entity dedicated to blogging , website management and mobile applications’ development. Whatever your interest; you will find in our blogs what you are searching for.

This blog is designed for those interested in immigration , or studying abroad or even getting a business residency in one of the European countries.

Our portfolio also includes:

– Forex , trading and economy blog in English , Arabic and French

– Piano and keyboard tutorials , lessons and videos especially for kids:

– Am Arabic blog for those who are crazy about literature , heritage , and even psychological health:

In addition to our Android applications available now in Google play store:

-A unit conversion application


-A crazy and addictive car game:


We wish you enjoy our work and thank you deeply for being one of our success.



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