Band 6.5 IELTS Advantages/ Disadvantages essay ( exams for children )

Children have more and more tests and exams to do at school, sometimes starting the age of five or six, right up until the age of 18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making children do exams?

   In recent years, children are tested in their school l, and sometimes from a very early age, too, and that causes for a large debate. Many people think that it is the easiest way to know their ability. However, some others believe it is very stressful and it could be sometimes unfair. This essay will discuss both positives and negatives and before coming to the conclusion that they are equally supported.

   On the one hand, there are noticeable minuses of examining schoolchildren at school. Firstly, the huge number of exams for children can be stressful. Some students feel very nervous during the exam and sometimes freeze even if the student has been prepared very well. Secondly, most exams in children’s life are useless. There are not real benefits in relaity. This is because students are learning to memorise instead of learning details which might be given in the exam. It is like “record” bofore the exam, then “play” during the test and then “delete” after the exam. As a result, it does not help them in the future life, such as university or work.

   On the other hand, there are some who think that it has does its advantages. One major benefit is that exams are the best way to know the strong and weak point in the student’s knowledge. So, that gives the teacher opportunities to tailor the ragged places in children’s skills and assess thier levels. For instance, every month in my course there is an exam for the children to know which class or level they should join. In addition, such kind of exams can be a good motivation for learners because they will try to get the highest score in the test. As a result, they will learn more skilks for being the leader at school. Discussion shows that it can be easy to children to build their future by completing defects and by taking motivation.

  In conclusion, even though there are opinions against to benefits of exams, they do not weigh out them. So the more they get exams, the more we know their improvement. Personally, I believe that tests lead children to better future and to know what they should study.

Author : anonymous candidate
Band : 6.5

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