Band 7 IELTS Agree Disagree essay (3) : Job shift


   Some people believe that employees should stay in the same job for the rest of their lives. Others think they should switch jobs at least once during their career.

To what extent do you agree / disagree?

Sample Essay

 Recently majority of individuals has become more aware of what university program they have to pursue, in order to launch a great career that will lead them to acquire a high salary in the future and that will achieve the life that they have been dreaming for. However, staying in one company or running just one business it must be changeable in this century, to make people life more interesting and stimulating. yet, a small numbers of people believes that working at the same job from the beginning until the end of their life its better than working in a different spots with different skills from while to while. In contrast, other folks thinks its crucial to make alterations and changes in your life positions. However, in this essay I will analyze both sides of the argument before presenting my opinion . 

Firstly, Some people thinks that it is good for the employees to continue working for their current employer throughout their life extension. nevertheless, being in a stable career for a long period will boost the employer skills and qualifications that will lead to a convenient life. A prime example of that will be a study by the Harvard university that indicates 50 percent of the American professional who have been working in the same job for over 20 years have superior salary package and great senior positions.

Secondly, on the contrary, other folks believes that altering your job consider as a life changing to extend the numerous opportunities to acquire loads of new skills, new friends ties and new different job locations which will lead you to travel around the country or the world. To illustrate, recent world bank studies showed that 44% of the workers who have been switching their position have a significant health according to the yearly medical surveys. foretheremore, companies prefer the independent employer who has the courage to obtain skills which they need from his own experience via communicating and involving in a major operations and meeting others who are in a high position to gain the knowledge and the experience that they had. 

To recapitulate, working in one place for a long time is not an enormous problem but for a better and entertainment life, people should spend their career life by felling satisfied which will be with tempt a new experience from while to while. however, I Personally believe that navigate from a place to another is suitable for everyone and should everybody to try diffirent things not only about career life.
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Estimated band score of 7-7.5

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