Based on personal experience : Best TEF preparation resources .

Before starting to mention the resources that have helped me a lot with my TEF journey , I’d like to stress on the fact that if you are not francophone , like me , and living in a non francophone country, like me as well , you MUST in this case find ways to live not only the language , but also the French culture to help you achieve your goal in winning the B2 advanced level.

You should listen to French radio , watch French movies , read French newspapers ( online versions would be great) , even your phone settings , better to change to French.

Here are some of resources based on my personal experience which has ended in getting CLB 7 after 14 months of struggling from A1 level :

On-site Courses :

  • Alliance Française Dubaï : I attended levels A1 and A2 courses there and had 2 B1 conversation workshops there. I recommend this centre at least to get the basics of the language till A2 or better B1 , Then you should be able to find your way alone.


Online Courses :


a- Udemy courses :

3 courses for the excellent tutor : : Anne Le Grand , I highly recommend those courses.

The first one will help you a lot master the past tenses , talk about your past experiences and memories . These skills are crucial to jump from A2 to B1 /B2.

You can get this course with great and exclusive discount from here

  • The second course is all about The subjunctive tense which seems the hardest in French , but if you , like me , needs B2 advanced or CLB 7 in TEF/TCF Canada especially in speaking /writing , this course is critical to help you talk about your dreams , wishes and expectations in French .

The subjunctive course is found here with immense discount

-And the last course is very important for whom can not attend live classes or talk with natives , this course has helped me a lot in improving my pronunciation in French . It covers all the common sounds used by the French people .

You can find this course with special price here!


b- Étudier en France course on Coursera : you should have at least B1 level to benefit from this course:




Entre nous A1 to B2



Exam training platform :




Android applications :

a – 7 jours ou Euronews

(excellent and have subtitles to improve reading and listening skills. )

b – French dictionary offline :

c – Le conjuguer :



Facebook :

a -The group : J’apprends le Français Canadien
With this group , you will live both the French and Canadian cultures . This is one of the best resources for immersion .

b – You may choose to follow one of French newspapers on Facebook like : France 24



YouTube Channels :

Propulse Training
David Le Blanc
Might need it


Good luck ou bien bonne chance !


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