Best IELTS reading tips

IELTS Reading Exam Tips

1 – Read the instructions carefully and make a note of how many words you can use for your answer.

This is very important , so , check how many words maximal your answer should be.

Note that hyphenated words (e.g. hard-working) are counted as one word.


2 – Don’t waste time trying to find ONLY one answer. Just skip it and move on to the next question.


3-Keep your eye on the clock. Give more weight of time for the last 14 questions as they are more challenging and need concentration.


4 – Write your answers directly on to your answer sheet. There is no extra time for transferring them .


5 – Spend some  time analysing the questions before looking for an answer.


6 – Don’t waste your time trying to understand a word or even the whole passage.


7 – Skim read (fast reading ) the passage  and remember that your ur ability to quickly read  passages and locate the relevant information to answer the questions is one of the key  skills being assessed.  So it is important to have a strategy for the test and to practice a lot  the skills of skim reading and scanning a passage.  

So , have a quick look at the questions , what kind of answers you are looking for , underline keywords in each section and scan the text carefully to find the exact or the synonyms of words in the text you were given.

8 – Double check  that you do not  make any mistakes when you are  transferring your answers including spelling mistakes.  


9 – Have a very quick look at the passage before reading questions .

10 – In Matching Heading Questions , read the headings before you read the passage and keep in mind that there are often more headings than number of paragraphs .

   So , analyse the headings before trying to match them to sections or paragraphs. Very important to note that answers don’t come in order.

In case there are short paragraphs , try to start with them , as they will often need less time to find the matching heading.



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