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شراء تطبيق جاهز : تجربتي مع موقع فليبا

مين فينا ما جاتلوش فكرة تطبيق أو موقع الكتروني رائعة ، و كسل يكمل فيها ، و بعد فترة نساها ، و ربما تحسر لما اكتشف أن حد تاني فكر فيها زيه بس الفرق أن الشخص الآخر حول الفكرة لفعل ، و نفذها ، و الأول اكتفي بحلمه من أكتر …

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Best Digital marketing course 2021

Corona pandemic has enormously changed the business world . Many traditional jobs have been dramatically hurt by the virus attacks , while others have become in high demand . Digital marketers or social media marketers are now highly required by businesses either as full timers or freelancers . Many online …

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How to promote an app successfully ?

43 Ways to Promote Your App : 1-Write a captivating, yet desciptive app name helps your app stand out. 2- Create an attractive app icon that will stick out in the app store. 3-Research your marketing to find the best keywords for your app (ASO). 4-Write an app store description …

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