Common mistakes in English ( Misuse of the infinitive )

Misuse of the infinitive

1 – Without + -ing.

Don’t say: Do your work without to speak.
Say: Do your work without speaking.

2 – Instead of + -ing.

Don’t say: He went away instead to wait.
Say: He went away instead of waiting.

3 –  Capable of + -ing.

Don’t say:They’re quite capable to do that.
Say: They’re quite capable of doing that.

Don’t Say : He is unable to doing anything .
Say : He is unable to do anything .

4 – Fond of + -ing.

Don’t say: She’s always fond to talk.
Say: She’s always fond of talking.

5 – Insist on + -ing.

Don’t say: Simon insisted to go to London.
Say: Simon insisted on going to London.

6 –  Object to + -ing.

Don’t say: I object to be treated like this.
Say: I object to being treated like this.

7 – Prevent from + -ing.

Don’t say: The rain prevented me to go.
Say: The rain prevented me from going.

8 – Succeed in -ing.

Don’t say: Paula succeeded to win the prize.
Say: Paula succeeded in winning the prize.

9 – Think of + -ing.

Don’t say: I often think to go to England.
Say: I often think of going to England.

10 – Tired of -ing.

Don’t say: The customer got tired to wait.
Say: The customer got tired of waiting.

11 – Used to + -ing.

Don’t say: She’s used to get up early.
Say: She’s used to getting up early.

12 – Avoid -i- -ing.

Don’t say: You can’t avoid to make mistakes.
Say: You can’t avoid making mistakes.

13 – Enjoy + -ing.

Don’t say: I enjoy to play football.
Say: I enjoy playing football.

14 –  Excuse + -ing.

Don’t say: Please excuse me to be so late.
Say: Please excuse my being so late.
Or: Please excuse me for being so late.

15 –  Finish + -ing.

Don’t say: Have you finished to speak?
Say: Have you finished speaking?

16-  Go on (continue) + -ing.

Don’t say: The music went on to play all day.
Say: The music went on playing all day.

17 –  Mind (object to) + -ing.

Don’t say: Would you mind to open the door?
Say: Would you mind opening the door?

Source :

Common mistakes in English – Longman

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