IELTS Advantages and disadvantages’ Essay : being a famous person

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a famous person?

Sample Essay :

In recent years, many people want to be a well-known person in the globe. More clearly, they do not take into account its disadvantages and try to become a famous figure. However, what are the pros and cons of this case. This essay will discuss both arguments and before coming to the conclusion that they are equally supported.

On the one hand, critics have a valid point when they say getting much money is its advantage. It is because, they get more money for their service. For example, a famous singer will take much income for taking in part in big parties. In addition, they can have many travels because of their concert tours. They travel around the world and organize tours for their fans. For instance, famous clowns usually go on a journey for relaxing and in order to gladden their audiences. As a result, being a respected person in the worldwide can give them much money and enjoyment by traveling.

On the other hand, critics may have point but we should not overlook two main disadvantages of being a recognized person. Firstly, it will be damage to relationship between the person and member of his family because if people become renowned, they will have less time for their family. Take as an example a simple broadcaster in TV show, he or she cannot spend much time with his or her household because of daily broadcasting in TV studio. Secondly, famous people cannot have privacy because fans of well-liked people always pursue their heros. For instance, fanatics of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is soccer star, want to meet him and have likeness taken in everywhere. Therefore, before becoming well known person, we should count for its impact to our life.

In conclusion, having good income and easily traveling around the world are the benefits while disturbing to family life and daily routine are the impacts of being a recognized person in the worldwide.

written by anonymous
Estimated band score : 6-6.5

  • Some grammatical mistakes which have been repeated throughout the essay
    example : well-known persons not person in line 2

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