IELTS GT Letter : vocabulary and tips

  • You should devote 20 minutes to this task and write    150 words .
• Formal letters are written to someone you don’t know his or her name but you address him for a general inquiry / complaint / request ,… while
   a semi-formal letter is written to someone that you know by name and with whom you have a professional or business relationship . Informal letters are for friends and family.

Parts of the letter :

1 – Title :

Dear Sir/Madam , ( Formal letters )
Dear Mr. X ( Mrs. X )  ( Semi-formal letters )
Dear X ( Informal letters )

2 – Opening statement with the reason behind sending the letter in brief .

Informal letters :

Dear Dave
   It’s  been so long since we last were in touch but I haven’t forgotten all the wonderful times we spent together last year.

Formal letters :

   I am writing this letter with regards to…

3- Body paragraph A : to cover the first point with details .

4- Body paragraph B: to cover the second point with details .

5 – Body paragraph C : To cover the last point with details .

6 – Closing Statement ( if needed  ) :

Informal letters :

It’ll be great to catch up again soon.Give my best to everyone in the family.
Take care/ see you soon/ all the best

Formal letters :

  I would appreciate it if you could….( action needed ) or
  I look forward to hearing from you immediately .

7 – Signing off with Name :

Formal :
Yours faithfully ,
Full name

Semi- formal :
Yours sincerely ,
Full name

Informal :
Only first name

• You must adapt your language to the type of letter written . For example , avoid contractions in formal letters and use them in informal friendly ones . Here are some examples of sentences adapted to formal letters ( first ones )and how could they be in informal ones ( second ones ):

– I am writing this letter with regards to/ I just want o let you know that

– You will be collected at the airport / I’ll pick you up at the airport.

– The next available appointment is on Thursday / How about we meet up on Thursday?

– I would like to invite you to visit my house on… / Why don’t you pop round to my place on…

– I highly recommend that you come in August / it’d be great if you come in August .

– Please respond at the earliest convenience./ Get back to me as soon as you can

– Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend on /
Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it on.. ( Source : IELTS Liz )

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