IELTS Positive or Negative Development Essay (4) : Media

At present the media affects people live significantly. What impacts does it have on society? Is it a negative or positive development?

It is generally accepted that media have an influence power in shaping our lives. The vast amount of information from newspapers, radio and TV has made us not only up to date with the contemporary incidents but also more dependent. In this essay, both views will be discussed before a reasoned conclusion.

To begin with, the impact of media towards us is inexorable. The role of media is more important now, in product advertisement to the current issues. For instance, people now have a choice of different products through an advertisement which they can see on the television or reading in the newspaper. Such advertisements have given many choices to consumers to buy the product in a more suitable manner. In addition, there is a great amount of research that goes into media presentation. They know the people’s tastes, desires and fears which they manipulate it.

The media have changed significantly in the past years. The internet has provided an even newer media resource. The majority of people live in a very fast paced society. They have a very little time for reading and exploring the truth of the information. The problem lies is that many people are gullible and society as a whole is easily influenced by the media representative. Similarly, media also respond to public demand and provide the information that the public craves. Unfortunately, the public knows and desires more information about movie stars and singers than they do about political developments. The reason for this is because the public is more likely to watch shows with the first type of information.

In conclusion, I believe that we live in a rich media society which is the main source of information for common people and it can make us believe whatever it want us to. They can censor even news and juggle facts with opinions and make true stories false by making it more interesting to the audience. If this happens, we will never know what the truth really is.

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