IELTS Reading matching heading questions : Tips and examples


              Matching Headings Questions

🔘Task: Choose a heading from the list which matches a section or paragraph in the passage

    ▫️ understanding the aim of a section
    ▫️ identifying the difference between a main idea and supporting points
    ▫️ understanding aims of paragraphs and sections
    ▫️ understanding general content of paragraphs or sections

    🔹 read the headings before you read the passage
    🔹 there are often more headings than you need
    🔹 analyse the headings before trying to match them to sections or paragraphs
    🔹 answers are often numerals (i, ii, iii, iv etc) – read instructions carefully to check
    🔹 answers do not come in order


Matching Headings Practice

(1)📍Choose the correct heading for paragraphs A & B from the list of headings below.

i. Temperatures on earth
ii. What is a greenhouse
iii. How is earth a greenhouse
iv. Plants that grow in a greenhouse
v. Earth’s atmosphere
vi. Why people have greenhouses

The greenhouse effect

A.   A greenhouse is a house made of glass. It has glass walls and a glass roof. People grow tomatoes and flowers and other plants in them. A greenhouse stays warm inside, even during winter. Sunlight shines in and warms the plants and air inside. But the heat is trapped by the glass and cannot escape. So during the daylight hours, it gets warmer and warmer inside a greenhouse, and stays quite warm at night too.
B.   Earth’s atmosphere does the same thing as the greenhouse. Gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide do what the roof of a greenhouse does. During the day, the Sun shines through the atmosphere. Earth’s surface warms up in the sunlight. At night, Earth’s surface cools, releasing the heat back into the air. But some of the heat is trapped by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That is what keeps our Earth a warm and comfortable 59 degrees Fahrenheit, on average.



Paragraph A = ii

🔘Explanation: The passage is about the greenhouse effect so the first paragraph explains the meaning of the word greenhouse. This is shown in the topic sentence and explained in the following sentences. The first paragraph does give information about plants in a greenhouse (iv) but this is only an example of how a greenhouse is used and not the aim of the paragraph.

Paragraph B = iii

🔘Explanation: The second paragraph explains that earth functions the same way as a greenhouse due to gases in the atmosphere. This is shown in the topic sentence. There is information about the temperatures on earth (i) but only to explain the greenhouse effect. Also there is information about earth’s atmosphere (v) but only as it relates to the greenhouse effect.


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