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IELTS Speaking Part 2 (cue card) examples with answers (5): someone lied to you

◼️Describe a time when someone lied to you Or someone did not tell you the complete truth

🔰What was the occasion ?
🔰Who was the person ?
🔰What did he hide about ?
🔰Why do you think he did not tell the whole truth ?

                         Band 7 Sample Answer

Many situations come in our life when we feel betrayed or sometimes cheated. Even in my life, I faced  similar situations number of times .

Here I’ve decided to talk about a time when I really got disappointed with one of my college friends .
This happened about 2-3 years ago probably when I was in my final year of  graduation. We all were asked to submit our final year presentation within a week.

One of my friends was worried as he did not has his own laptop to prepare the project.
As I prepared my presentation in advance, so I decided to lend him my laptop for a week.
He was over the moon ( so happy )  as I sorted out ( solved)  one of his major problems.
And after a week he returned back my laptop and also thanked me .I was happy that I was able to help someone in a need.

However, after reaching back home in the evening, when I turned on my laptop, I was shocked to find out that my presentation was missing from it.
On the very next day, it was the presentation submission date, hence, I tried to call him, but he did not answer my calls at first .
Eventually, after 3-4 hours, he called me back and explained to me that he accidentally deleted the saved files from my laptop and was feeling sorry .
I was angry as well as worried at the same time as it was already midnight and I didn’t have my presentation to submit.

However, I decided to stay calm and prepare my presentation again. It took me around 4-5 hours to complete it .
Next day, that friend offered me to use his presentation as my own, but I told him that I have already made it again .
I also suggested to him that one should always tell the whole truth in case one has made any mistake, as doing so can save many relationships as well as the career of many people .
I forgave him as I could see he was really sorry at that time, but this particular incident taught me a number of things

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