IELTS Speaking Part 2 (Cue card) : examples with answers (6): Famous person


Describe a famous person who is not from your country you would like to meet .

You should say:

who is he/ she ?
Where is he/ she from ?
why do you want to meet him/ her ?
why he is famous ?
and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie, underwent different transformations in her life and achieved the highest popularity among the other Hollywood female actresses. I’d like to meet her at least once in my life.

Born in an actor family in the USA, Angelina Jolie is globally famous for several reasons. Firstly she’s famous for her physical beauty and superb performance. She is able to represent the characters perfectly which is the cause of envy for the other female super stars .

I have watched different movies of Angelina Jolie and her performances on those made me amazed. She is also a social activist and humanitarian in line with her acting career in Hollywood movies. She is an adorable actress and considered as an asset for Hollywood for her beauty, acting skill and soft heart. She is the woman with a very special intelligence in the combination of ready wits, dazzling beauty and all of her performances are outstanding.
She is the only female Hollywood actress who spends one-third of her entire earning for the humanitarian activities. It is the most important reason for me to love meeting her. I’d like to get a touch of the generous woman and pass some moments so that I could learn something useful to be applied in my life.

If I had a chance to meet her, I would take some pictures, her signature as a memorable thing and to show off my friends and relatives. If possible, I would have a dinner with her to have a sweet chat. I believe that her words could encourage me to pursue my dreams. Briefly say, She is my favourite actress whom I would like to meet in my life.


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