IELTS Speaking Part 2 ( cue card ) examples with answers (3) : handsome person

Describe a person who is beautiful or handsome you have seen(met) 

You should say :

✅who is beautiful or handsome ?
✅When and where you saw or met this person ?
✅What the person looked like  ?
✅Why do you think this person is handsome or beautiful ?

Sample answer

I have seen many beautiful and handsome people in my life.  Here, I would like to talk about a person whom I find the most handsome. He is none other than my father. His name is Mustafo. He is in his early fifties.  He is not tall, but looks very handsome. His hair has started greying. He generally wears a suit. He is very health conscious and is very particular about his morning walk. He runs his own business and has about 10 people working for him. He is a very down to earth person and is loved by all in our family and neighbourhood. The reason I find him the most handsome is not just because of his looks, but I remember that a person who is our neighbour met with an accident then all his relatives backed out, but my father donated blood without even thinking also because of his loving and caring nature. Whenever anyone needs any help, he goes out of the way to help him or her in whatever way he can. He is my father, but in him I find a considerate friend. He listens to all my problems very patiently and guides me whenever I am in a difficult situation. He is revered by all in the business community and is respected by his employees. He is always on time to work and so his employees also do the same. So, I find him the most handsome person because of such qualities
Estimated Band score : 7.5

Vocabulary :

  • To be none other than somebody;  to emphasize that the person involved in something is famous, impressive, or surprising .

Down to earth : sensible and practical , calm .

Back out :  to decide not to do something .

  • Go out of way :  ready any time

To  be revered : respected







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