TEF Canada : my experience from scratch to CLB 7

This journey had ended up getting a nomination form Ontario under the French stream

Good luck all

Before starting to mention the resources that have helped me a lot with my TEF journey , I’d like to stress on the fact that if you are not francophone , like me , and living in a non francophone country, like me as well , you MUST in this case find ways to live not only the language , but also the French culture to help you achieve your goal in winning the B2 advanced level .

You should listen to French radio , watch French movies , read French newspapers ( online versions would be great) , even your phone settings , better to change to French .

Stage 1 :
From scratch to A1

  • Dulingo application : it gives a good vocabulary to start with but no more .
    • Michel Thomas Course : A fast and interesting way to make sentences in French fast and effortlessly .
  • Depending on the level test done in Alliance Française , I joined the course A1-5

( In Alliance Francaise , they divide each level to 5 courses , so this course was the last in level A1 ) .

The French centre endorsed the books ( Entre nous. ) for learning . It’s really an excellent book . I bought the 4 volumes 1,2,3 and 4

Stage 2:
From A2 to A2

  • I attended two courses in AF (A2-1 and A2-2 ) and stopped taking courses afterwards . They were very useful but I was in hurry and wanted to reach B2 advanced faster )
  • I studied the whole book ( Entre nous 2 ) alone , using its audio files and transcripts , together with the most important and critical point in that journey : immersion

I started at this point listening to French radio ( I recommend RFI due to its clear and slow language which is similar to the exam Language


following French journals on Facebook like France 24

I joined the two great groups :

Comment se préparer au TEF Canada

whose members are aspiring getting CLB 9 so following their steps most probably help you get CLB 7


J’apprends le Français Canadien

A great group with active members who talk about everything in French .

Even my phone settings had been changed to French and French keyboard added to my device settings to be familiar with the French vocabulary and accents .

This step seems the hardest but what made a great change and progress is exploring a course on Udemy which helped a lot mastering the past tenses . I even joined the other two courses for the same tutor ( Subjunctive and pronunciation ) . These 3 courses made the transition from A2 to B1 very smooth .

( You can find the links to those courses in the attachments below )

Stage (3) :
From B1-B2 with exam preparation

After finishing Udemy courses , studying Entre nous 3 and then 4 was easy and fast . I continued the immersion daily routine listening to radio , reading French news and the most important familiarizing myself to the exam through the Facebook group I mentioned before and the most popular practice book for TEF : ( TEF 250 activités )


Taking the exam after 11 months of starting my journey , getting CLB 7 and higher in 3 skills and failing in the listening part CLB6 so , I booked for the next session after 2 months . I focused on listening skills and subscribed to the paid service of prepmtfuture

which helped a lot in the listening and reading parts . I got the CLB 7 in my second attemp , got the nomination from Ontario in April 2020 and ITA 3 months later .

Good luck all


The attachments :

Udemy courses:


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TEF Canada : my experience from scratch to CLB 7

This journey had ended up getting a nomination form Ontario under the French stream Good …


  1. try many times tef canada, always fail in writing, could you give some suggestion or model texte for writing part

    • I believe that reading others’ work and trying to follow their footsteps is a good start to create your own style . In this blog , you will find tens of answered examples of both tasks for candidates who got clb 9 or higher . Good luck

  2. This is great, but you didn’t mention how you mastered speakin and writing which considered to be the lost difficult parys

  3. Hi,
    Ontario francophone stream is exactly what I’m trying to be nominated for. May I ask what was your Express Entry score when you got the nomination? With a CLB7 in TEF mine would be 440.

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