WES document evaluation for immigration to Canada .

What is “WES” ?

“WES” stands for World Education Services  and it is an institution approved by Canadian authorities to evaluate your educational documents and degrees.

Is WES authorized to evaluate all majors ?

  Yes , except doctors and pharmacists ( unless they don’t need a license to practice their job)

What is the validity of ECA report issued by WES ?

   WES ECA is valid for five years from the date of issue, and you can continue using your ECA when you submit a new Express Entry profile.

What are the documents needed to evaluate my degree ?

You can find here the documents required according to the country of origin of your degree.

You will just need to enter the country and type of education whether secondary or high and a list of documents needed will appear.

How to avoid delays in processing my application ?

Follow these tips:

1- Submit all required documents in the manner specified for your country of education on our Required Documents page.

2- Include your WES reference number on all envelopes sent to WES.

3-Review your application for accuracy and complete it in full before submitting it.

4-When you fill out your application, make sure that your name is spelled correctly and that your date of birth is accurate.

5-Remember, you can check the status of your application any time by logging in to My Account. If you require further assistance, you can always visit our Help Center or contact our customer support team.

Are there any advices to follow when sending our documents ?

1- Before you send documents, you must complete an application and obtain a reference number.

2-Enter your WES reference number on all envelopes and correspondence. WES is not responsible for documents that arrive without a reference number. Documents that arrive in our office without a reference number may encounter processing delays.

3-Do not send original documents unless specifically requested by WES. All documentation received becomes the property of WES and cannot be returned.

What is the mailing address of WES ?

WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

What is the processing time of applications ?

35 business days.

Is WES verifying doctor’s degrees ?

Yes , but you need to download , print and fill the Confirmation of Doctoral Degree Conferral form from here


What is the difference between standard and courier delivery ?

Standard delivery takes three to five business days to ship a report within the U.S., and 30 business days to ship a report internationally.

Courier services take one business day for overnight shipping, two business days for second day air, two to three business days for international courier services, and three to five business days for three- to five-day shipping. As mentioned above, courier services provide a tracking number so you can verify when the report has been delivered.

Unless you are in a hurry , we advise to opt for the cheaper  standard delivery.

How will I know that my application has been shipped ?

Our staff will inform you when we have shipped your report. From that point on, you can follow up directly with your institution to determine whether it has received the report.

Does WES send ECA report to IRCC ?

WES sends electronic reports to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and to AccessWES members. Electronic reports are delivered instantaneously, but the institutional recipients may not review them as soon as they receive them.

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